Jimmy, J.E. Butler  Contractor LLC's owner, has always had a gift for fixing things.  At a young age his parents gave him his first tool set that he used to fix the broken lock on his 5th grade teachers file cabinet.  Jimmy knew at that early age he found his calling.  He began a formal education in landscape architecture, but soon realized he was committed to his true vocation, home building and construction.

"Home remodeling should be an exciting process working with professionals you can trust".

Now with well over a decade of experience in the construction industry, he has built a reputation of excellence, hard work and high standards.  He consistently proves his expertise and skill when it comes to building and renovation, but it's his passion and integrity to "do it right or don't do it" that has afforded him repeat business and many satisfied customers throughout the Tri-State area. Jimmy truly subscribes to the old adage "failing to plan is planning to fail".  

"So many people say they want quality work, but then ask  to rush the process and insist on quick fixes. They really don't understand quality".


​​We truly believe the construction process should be centered on the customer making each remodeling experience exciting and satisfying.  That means delivering quality work and being dedicated to it.  Educating  clients as much as possible has become part of our philosophy.  Making sure potential clients understand that if they want things built to last it has to be done right the first time and that doesn't happen overnight.  

"Unfortunately today a lot of contractors and remodelers aren't faithful to clients". That means they aren't giving them the quality service they deserve"

J.E. Butler Contractors focuses on building high-quality, durable spaces with the best possible carpentry work.  We are dedicated to providing clear communication and realistic deadlines and ensuring that your construction experience runs as smoothly as possible. In practice, this means a safe and responsive working environment from the initial design, to purchasing materials, all the way through to installation.  




residential and commercial construction

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